Frequently Asked Questions

What are fissure sealants?

A fissure sealant is a thin layer of a plastic compound that is placed onto the tooth after the grooves have been cleaned. They are highly effective in providing a protective barrier for molars and preventing the appearance of decay.

Are you preferred providers of any health fund?

Yes, HCF.

What are the payment options at Bangalow Dental?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, cheque and we process the health fund claim with the HICAPS machine.

Do you use amalgam fillings?

No. Bangalow Dental is an amalgam free dental clinic.

With the advance of technology, restorative dental materials require more conservative preparations. They are durable, biocompatible and highly aesthetic. In Bangalow Dental, we use mainly composite resins and ceramics as restorative materials.

I have extracted a tooth. What should I do after the extraction?

After an extraction, a good oral hygiene will ensure that you quick healing and minimal discomfort. Our recommendations are:


– Continue to bite gently on the gauze pad provided for at least 10 min.

– If bleeding persists, make a fresh pad and bite gently for another 15 minutes.

– Be careful not to bite your lip or tongue.

– Do not take part in strenuous activities.

– Do not rinse your mouth vigorously.

– On the next day, rinse your mouth gently with warm salty water.

– Avoid hot food or drinks.

– Do not drink with a straw.

– Do not smoke for the next 5 days.

– As a painkiller, take paracetamol instead of aspirin.

– In case of continuous bleeding, fever, pain or swelling, please contact us at Bangalow Dental Health.

I am afraid of dentists. Could you help me?

Yes. We can help you overcome or control this fear.

The chair-side manner of our dentists, the relaxed and calm environment of Bangalow Dental play a big role in eliminating that fear. It is our main aim that you have a relaxed treatment.  We will take time with you, explain the procedure, start slowly and reassure you as we move along.  We always use topical anesthetics and a very gentle numbing technique, which you will rarely feel something while you are being numbed.

What to expect in my first visit to Bangalow Dental?

In your first visit to Bangalow Dental, you will complete the new patient form and will meet the dentist of your choice for a comprehensive intra and extra oral examination,

The comprehensive examination includes:

– Your dental health and medical history

– Full mouth charting

– Oral health examination

– Occlusal analysis

– Use of an oral camera to show you what we see.

– Take two radiographs: one from each side to assess caries between your teeth.

– Request an OPG film

– TMJ assessment

– Oral Hygiene Instructions

– Assess the need for Orthodontic treatment